Graduate Medical Education

Measuring Physician Trainee Maturation via APeX Audit Logs "The Trainee Digital Growth Chart"

This is a highly collaborative project involving stakeholders from CLIIR, the Graduate medical Education Office, Pediatrics, Hospital Medicine, the School of Medicine Technology Office (SOMTech), and the Technology Enhanced Education (TEE) Office. In this project, we are using the APeX EHR audit logs to capture and quantify the information gathering activities of physician trainees within the Division of Hospital Medicine and Pediatric Hospital Medicine, and to evaluate trainee maturation in the performance of these activities over time against a “digital trainee growth chart.” Performance benchmarks are generated by attending physicians who are experts in graduate medical education. The performance of trainees against these benchmarks are provided to trainees to help them identify opportunities for improvement in how they gather information from the EHR, and to attending physicians as an additional tool by which they can evaluate their trainee performance. This project has the opportunity to scale to other healthcare specialties and to institutions throughout the U.S. involved in graduate medical education.