Image of Julia Adler-Milstein, PhD

Julia Adler-Milstein, PhD

Director of the Center for Clinical Informatics and Improvement Research. Professor, Department of Medicine

Image of Jessica Chuang, MD

Jessica Chuang, MD

Assistant Professor

Image of Benjamin Rosner, MD, PhD

Benjamin Rosner, MD, PhD

Associate Clinical Professor, Division of Hospital Medicine

Image of Michael Wang, MD

Michael Wang, MD

Clinical Informaticist


Image of David Coleman

David Coleman

Research Assistant

Image of Anjali Garg, MS

Anjali Garg, MS

Assistant Director of CLIIR

Image of Jen Gong, PhD

Jen Gong, PhD

Postdoctoral Scholar

Image of Crissy Thao, MPH

Crissy Thao, MPH

Project Manager

Image of Robert Thombley

Robert Thombley

Lead Data Architect